New principles of prophylaxis of chronic non-bacterial prostatitis recurrences

Dorofeev S.D., Kudryavceva L.V., Hromov R.A.

Chronic prostatitis (CP) is well known for its recurrent wavelike course with interchange of remissions and recurrences. Prostate could be especially sensitive to the effects of risk factors during periods of seasonal recurrences. Many medications and biologically active supplements are used for recurrence prevention. One of the medications, which shows multiple organotropic actions with regard to prostate is Afala, purified antibodies to PSA. The aim of the study was to estimate efficacy of prevention in patients with chronic prostatitis.

The investigation cohort consisted of 60 patients with non-bacterial CP in the phase of remission, patients were divided between two groups, 30 men in each group: patients of the study group received Afala during 1 month in advance to the time of the seasondependent recurrences, and control group patients didn’t receive any medications for recurrence prevention. Recurrence of CP was evident in 10 patients on Afala and in 18 patients of the control group, with 11 and 24 recurrence episodes in these groups, correspondingly. The symptomatic assessment showed that the symptoms severity was different between the groups, with mild symptoms in study group and moderate and severe symptoms in the control group.

No adverse effects were registered in the study group, related to the intake of Afala.

Drawing a conclusion, Afala could be used in patients with CP to prevent recurrences and to dampen the severity of the concomitant symptoms.

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