Number №1, 2016 - page 50-51

Obesity – efficacy of treatment using androgen-replacement therapy

Usupbaev A.Ch., Hakimhodzhaev Z.Sh.

It is known the obesity is the chronic metabolic disease characterized by excessive development of adipose tissue. Obesity leads to a reduced quality of life, including such factors as the physical and psychosocial activities. e literature data suggests that deterioration in the quality of life in verweight men associated with erectile dysfunction (ED), low sexual satisfaction, decreased libido. A limited number of studies sexual function in men with obesity indicate the need for further research in this area.

The aim of this study was to evaluate: 1) the changes in sex hormone levels in patients with obesity; 2) the link between the quality of sexual function and body-mass index; 3) the efficacy of the androgen-replacement therapy as additional method of obesity treatment. We have shown, that men with obesity often have reduced level of testosterone in blood, at that, the levels of other sex hormones (luteinizing hormone, prolactin, sex hormone binding protein and estradiol) were physiological. Erectile dysfunction in men with obesity is widely present and is related to secondary hypogonadism as well as to the dysmorphophobia. The severity of the erectile dysfunction correlated with the severity of the obesity. Complementary treatment with Androgel contributed to the improvement of the erectile function and was effective adjuvant option for obesity treatment.

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obesity, hypogonadism, androgen replacement therapy, erectile dysfunction

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