Number №3, 2017 - page 122-125

Possible errors in the diagnosis and treatment of pediatric patients with urolithiasis

Prosyannikov M.Yu., Rudin Yu.E., Lykov A.V., Merinov D.S., Konstantinova O.V., Anohin N.V., Vardak A.N.

Medical care for patients with urolithiasis in childhood requires special attention. We would like to make out typical mistakes, that admitted in the treatment of urolithiasis in children, and to focus the attention of specialists on the choice of the algorithm for diagnostics and treatment of urolithiasis in childhood, using the example of the following clinical case. Anamnesis of the child's disease described in detail in the article: the results of the basic instrumental research methods are given, the tactics of surgical treatment are reflected. A detailed analysis of the survey tactics and treatment selected by regional urologists is conducted, the arguments for and against this tactic are set forth, references to the literature are given.

The algorithm of the survey and treatment chosen by specialists of the Searching Institute of Urology is described in the article in contrast to the action of regional colleagues.

Authors declare lack of the possible conflicts of interests.;

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urolithiasis, errors in diagnosis and treatment, remote repeated lithotripsy in children, percutaneous nephrolitholapaxia in children, computed tomography in children

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