Number №2, 2015 - page 88-92

The primary methods of noninvasive evaluation of the lower urinary tract disorders in BPH patients (literature review)

Bablumyan A.Yu., Kamalov A.A.

In this review we systemize data on the modern approaches to the non-invasive evaluation of the nfravesical obstruction in patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). The following investigations are discussed: questionnaires, ultrasound for prostatic status (volume of transitional zone, gland form, protrusion into the bladder, 3D-study) and bladder status (residual urine volume, thickness of the bladder wall, bladder mass). Perspective methods are the evaluation of the blood supply to the prostate and bladder with the color Doppler study, where the disturbances in the blood circulation correlate with the severity of the micturition storages and also allow the prediction of pharmacotherapy and surgical treatment efficacy in patients with BPH. These methods warrant further investigations.

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