Number №4, 2014 - page 8-11

The problems in the study of reproductive system diseases in pediatric population

Apolihin O.I., Murav'eva V.N., Zenin V.V.

In this article we present the results of the analysis of structure and dynamics of the pediatric morbidity with regard to the urogenital diseases for the patients with the age of 0-17 years in the city of Stavropol according to the documental form of the federal statе statistic control №12 «Information to the frequency of diseases in patients from the healthcare district» (further referred as Form 12). The aim of the study was to obtain a representative overview of the morbidity registration system with regard to pediatric uroandrological diseases, using the Stavropol as the example, and to explore the problems of this system. The results of the study point at the actuality of the studying of the urogenital diseases in children. Thus, the level of the overall and primary morbidity of the urogenital system in the pediatric population during 2009-2013 had the tendency to growth and since 2009 was 1.5 times more in 2013. The analysis of the structure showed that the growth could be related to the increased morbidity of the non-accounted diseases (female and male genital organ diseases, brust diseases). Non-accounted pathology in 2013 was observed in 59.4% cases and 60.6% cases of primary morbidity. The analysis showed that Form 12 doesn’t contain the full information related to the structure of reproductive system diseases in children and adolescents; the data in patients with in the age group from 0 to 14 years is gathered without sex determination.

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