Number №1, 2014 - page 44-49

Reduction of antibiotic treatment duration in patients with chronic bacterial prostatitis by increasing the daily doses

Efremov E.A., Dorofeev S.D., Mel'nik Ya.I., Kasatonova E.V., Simakov V.V., Krasnyak S.S.

Introduction: Levofloxacin is widely used antibiotic for the treatment of chronic bacterial prostatitis. A number of recent studies suggest the possibility of reducing the duration of treatment by increasing the daily dose of the drug.

Materials and Methods: The aim of this study was to evaluate the efficacy and safety of drug Hileflox ® (levofloxacin), at a dose of 750 mg for the treatment of chronic bacterial prostatitis. The study included 74 patients who were randomly divided into three groups receiving 500 mg 28 days and 750 mg of levofloxacin 28 and 20 days. All patients were examined twice (before and 14 days after treatment).

Results: The study found that the using of levofloxacin at a dose 750 mg for 20 days has the best safety profile with similar efficacy in comparison with 750 mg for 28 days and 500 mg for 28 days. 60.8 % of patients prior to inclusion in the study were already receiving therapy for chronic bacterial prostatitis , in particular, 28.4 % people received antibiotics. Most of the patients in each group after treatment noted symptoms reduction of chronic prostatitis , estimated using a questionnaire NIH-CPSI. Patients in all three groups during therapy achieved a significant reduction in the inflammatory process, which was confirmed by analysis of prostate secretion with bacteriological studies.

Conclusions: Using levofloxacin at a dose 750 mg can achieve the same antibacterial effect in a shorter period and thus reduce adverse effects compared with the standard therapy.

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