Number №1, 2023 - page 164-168

The results of a prospective comparative study on the efficacy and safety of the dietary supplement «Nephrobac»® in the complex treatment of patients with chronic pyelonephritis DOI: 10.29188/2222-8543-2023-16-1-164-168

For citation: Spivak L.G., Evdokimov M.S., Krasnyak S.S. The results of a prospective comparative study on the efficacy and safety of the dietary supplement «Nephrobac»® in the complex treatment of patients with chronic pyelonephritis. Experimental and Clinical Urology 2023;16(1):164-168; https://doi.org/10.29188/2222-8543-2023-16-1-164-168
L.G. Spivak, M.S. Evdokimov, S.S. Krasnyak
Information about authors:
  • Spivak L.G. – Dr. Sci., Professor of the Institute of Urology and Human Reproductive Health of I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University, Ministry of Health of Russia; Moscow, Russia; RSCI Author ID 659929;https://orcid.org/0000–0003–1575–6268 
  • Evdokimov M.S. – PhD, Chief physician, urologist of «Family Policlinic No. 4»; Korolev, Russia; https://orcid.org/0000–0002–1459–5098 
  • Krasnyak S.S. – PhD, member of the Interregional Public Organization of Urologists «Internet Forum of Urologists», liding researcher of Department of Andrology and Human Reproduction, Research Institute of Urology and Interventional Radiology – the branch of the National Medical Research Centre of Radiology of Ministry of health of Russian Federation; Moscow, Russia; RSCI Author ID 641107; https://orcid.org/0000-0001-9819-6299 

Introduction. Chronic pyelonephritis is the most common kidney disease. In accordance with the chronic nature of the infection, an important aspect of the treatment of recurrent uncomplicated urinary tract infections is antibiotic resistance. 

The aim of this work is to evaluate dynamics of the number of relapses and severity of symptoms of chronic pyelonephritis against the background of the complex drug «Nephrobac»®. 

Materials and methods. The study included 60 patients aged 24 to 56 years with complaints of pain in the lumbar area, fever, and dysuria. Based on the examination, the patients were diagnosed with chronic pyelonephritis. The patients were randomized into two groups: the first group received only antibacterial therapy, the second group received antibacterial therapy in combination with the biologically active complex «Nephrobac»® 1 capsule 2 times a day for 1 month. Patients of both groups were observed for 6 months from the start of therapy. 

Results. Fewer cases of leukocyturia were observed in the group receiving the antibiotic in combination with «Nephrobac»®, 45% and 75% after 3 and 6 months, respectively. In addition, in the same group, there were significantly fewer patients with bacteriuria after 3 visits in the main group compared with the control group receiving antibiotic therapy. There were no relapses registered 6 months after the start of the study in the group receiving combination therapy, including «Nephrobac»®, there were three patients with 1 relapse each in the control group. 

Conclusions. «Nephrobac»® can be recommended as a part of the complex therapy of chronic pyelonephritis, which has an anti-relapse and anti-inflammatory effect, enhancing antibiotics. 

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chronic pyelonephritis; antibiotic resistance; combination therapy; baikalin, charancin

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