Number №1, 2013 - page 36-39

The results of the surgical treatment of urethral strictures using fibrin glue

Pushkar' D.Yu., Zhivov A.V., Ismailov M-R.M., Bagaudinov M.R.

Aim: to estimate the potential of fibrin glue “Bioglue-LAB” (Russia) to improve the results of the surgical treatment of urethral strictures in male patients. Materials and methods: experimental part of investigation included 32 male rabbits of the Shinshilla genus: in 16 animals anastomosis was made using a fibrin glue and in 16 patients – without it. Clinical part of the investigation included 65 patients with urethral stricture who were operated using different techniques: augmentation urethroplasty using buccal graft for anterior urethral strictures, anastomotic urethroplasty using Turner-Warwick method in modification of Webster for bulbous and bulbous/membranous urethral strictures. Fibrin glue was used in 32 of these patients, in others (33 patients) the glue was avoided. All operations were performed by one surgeon.

Results: experimental part of investigation showed that implementation of the glue led to less scar formation and better neo-vascularization of the anastomosis region. Glue application during the clinical part of the investigation led to decreased operation time, better tightness of anastomosis, reduction of the bladder drainage time and reduction of the stricture recurrence rate.

Conclusion: fibrin glue “Bioglue-LAB” (Russia) shows promising results during urethroplasty and allows to achieve better results in male patients with urethral stricture disease. More prospective randomized trials are in need to show it’s efficacy.

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