Number №1, 2016 - page 112-119

Several immunity parameters in pathients with terminal kidney insufficiency and uremic toxin para-cresol (literature review and own results)

Stepanova E.N., Sinyuhin V.N., Sivkov A.V., Arzumanov S.V., Korobova T.A.

Uremic toxin para-cresol was under active investigation last years. Concentration of para-cresol is known to be high during the infection in patients with terminal chronic kidney insufficiency (CKN). We aimed at studying the immunity in patients being on hemodialysis.

Two groups of patients were included. In a first group were 6 patients with pyoinflammatory process in the area of vascular port, 7 another patients formed the second group without inflammation. Control group consisted of healthy patients. Para-cresol was evaluated in blood samples of all patients. In the first group with high para-cresol concentrations non-specific activity of leukocytes was increased, their function activity however decreased. T-cell immunity parameters were depressed in patients of the first group. In patients of second group these changes were less pronounced. B-lymphocyte absolute numbers were reduced in patients of the first group, compared to the healthy donors and second group patients. Serum concentration of immunoglobulins were also alternated: in first group immunoglobulins G were low.

Drawing a conclusion, increased concentrations of para-cresol could be linked to the decreased activity of the natural, T-cell and humoral immunity.

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chronic kidney disease, uremic toxins, para-cresol, immunity

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