Number №4, 2014 - page 106-109

Single port and single troacar retroperitoneoscopic access at treatment of children with solitary cysts of kidneys

Akramov N.R., Baybikov R.S.

The aim of the study was to evaluate the effectiveness of single port and single troakar retroperitoneoscopic approaches in the treatment of simple (solitary) renal cysts in children. The comparative characteristic of simple renal cysts fenestration between single port and single troakar retroperitoneoscopic accesses. Following the procedure of a single access retroperitoneoscopic 7 children were treated and the procedure single troakar – 8. The duration of the operation was on average 42 ± 12 minutes (20 to 84 min). Intraoperative blood loss was absent in all cases. Children began to feed on the day of surgery. After both surgical methods patients began to walk on the second day after the operation. Extract was carried out on 3-7 days after surgery at single troakar fenenstration retroperitoneoscopic renal cysts and 5-8 days after surgery for a single port procedure retroperitoneoscopic access. Parents were satisfied by cosmetic result of both options endosurgical treating renal cysts. Complications and recurrence of the disease in the early postoperative period and up to 1 year in the operated children were observed. Control is carried out by means of ultrasound quarterly for 1 year. All patients who underwent retroperitoneoscopic fenestration of cysts, a positive result from the disappearance of the symptoms and the full or partial decrease in the size of the pathological focus. Thus videoendosurgery operation in the treatment of children with simple renal cysts are safe, effective and minimally invasive. Preference should be given to the method single troakar retroperitoneoscopic access is the least invasive of them, as it is superior in efficiency puncture treatment, being comparable to him on the traumatic effects on the body and cosmetic effect.

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