Number №3, 2010 - page 91-93

Sling operations in male urine incontinence

Zhernov A.A., Kachmazov A.A.

Urine incontinence in male is a possible complication after surgical treatment of prostate gland diseases. Appearance of this pathological condition entails serious psychological problems, as well as influences upon social-economic factors of the treatment efficiency. According to publication data, the frequency of stress urine incontinence (SI) after surgical treatment of the prostate diseases is from 5 up to 65%. Surgeries most frequently leading to urine incontinence are radical prostatectomy and open prostatectomy. Results of researches on modern option of incontinence treatment adjustable bulbourethral sling efficiency evaluation reviewed. Unlike female slings implanted for urethral resistance correction without tension, male slings are to raise actively urethral resistance taking in account individual anatomical and functional changes in patients after surgery. Besides in case of excessive tension and following obstruction they must be capable for position corrections. One of the slings completely satisfying specified requirements are Argus slings (Argus , Promedon SA, Cordoba, Argentina).

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