Number №3, 2010 - page 12-16

Postgraduate educational system in Russian Federation does it need changes?

Apolihin O.I., Kazachenko A.V., Hodyreva L.A., Moskaleva N.G., Bedretdinova D.A.

Medical education is one the most important factors of providing high professional level of healthcare specialists. The basement of medical professional formation is postgraduate education, which at present day for a number of reasons do not manage the task of training of high qualified medical professionals. Existing postgraduate educational system in Russia wasn't reformed for more than 40 years! Meanwhile radical changes of social and political establishment took place in Russian Federation for last 20 years surely reflected the basic principles of healthcare organization system. The major part of Russian postgraduate medical educational system at the present day stands out the global world innovation process, at best serving only a regional innovation program. Medical education reformation process must be multicomponent and to be done in close cooperation of science and education. Only a community of educators and scientists is a prior in decision making. To manage this problem at first several goals are to be gained: revision of postgraduate educational period, development of consecutive training modules due to evidence based medicine principles, training specialists for every stage of healthcare service, starting from primary level, development of training quality supervision system with a personal tutors' responsibility for a training result. Undoubtedly this reform will require more financial expenditure, new legislative framework and will cause a temporary lack of qualified specialists. But in result Russian Federation healthcare system will obtain high qualified professionals ready for comprehensive, selfsufficient activity for all levels of healthcare system. This will lead to increase of healthcare and rehabilitation service quality and cost-effectiveness.

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