A Standardized Approach to Outpatient metaphylaxis of Urolithiasis


Konstantinova O.V., Yanenko E.K., Safarov R.M.

In scientific research institute of urology of Russian health care department unified recommendations schemes of urate, calcium-oxalate and calcium-phosphate calculi formation prophylaxis were developed and already used for many years. They reflect tactics of management of stated groups of patients, contain information of chemical structure of calculi removed or drawn off by itself, disorders of lithogenous compounds exchange, which were the basement of scheme development. To evaluate the efficacy of long-term outpatient treatment of patients due to these schemes 216 patients (80 females and 136 male) aged from 21 to 67 were examined with ultrasound, X-ray. 84 patients were followed up for 2 - 7 years, 132 patients that did not have prophylactic treatment for different reasons contained control group. It was determined that recurrent frequency in patients without prophylactic treatment was significantly higher than in treatment group and was 67% against 26% respectively. Developed unified recommendation schemes for urinary calculi recurrence prophylaxis are reasonable for use in oupatient departments in patients with urolithiasis.

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