Urological Internet users

Sivkov A.V., Shaderkin I.A., Shaderkina V.A.

In the process of the trial an attempt was made to evaluate approximate people audience, that try to fi nd solution of problems associated with urological health by using internet technologies. In the present trial open statistic which is provided by searching engines Yandex (www.yandex.ru), Rambler (www.rambler.ru), Google (www.google.com); data of statistical systems such as LiveInternet (www.liveinternet.ru), SpyLOG (rating. spylog.ru), Rambler's Top100 (top100. rambler.ru); statistic of urology portals www.uro.ru and www.uroweb.ru; results of 62 438 on-line consultations, performed on website 03.uroweb.ru from 06.08.2003 till 17.01.2010 were used. According to the calculation results Russian monthly audience of medical websites is 15 394 962 people, and those sites are visited by 1.010.129 persons per day. Number of unique users who are interested in urological health problems for a month is about 1.000.000 persons. Distribution of this audience among four countries which represent most of Russian-speaking Internet users is as follows: Russia – 722 000 (72,20%); Ukraine – 147 000 (14,70%); Belarus – 23 000 (2,30%); Kazakhstan – 21 000 (2,10%). Signifi cant number of people (1.000.000 unique users per month) tries to fi nd answers for rising questions associated with urological health in the Internet. Quiet oft en Internet visitors use nonprofessional data sources, which may give incorrect information devoid of evidence and may aff ect negatively on proper choice of potential patient. Such choice may worsen early diagnostics of urological diseases, lead to refusal of treatment, to non.

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