Number №1, 2011 - page 69-72

The use of herbal ingrediends on the basis of terpenes in the treatment of urolithiasis

Sivkov A.V., Cherepanova E.V., Shaderkina V.A.

One of the common urological diseases is urolithiasis. Various groups of drugs are used for concrements delivery. Herbal medicine (essential oils and / or terpenes) has long been used in the treatment of urolithiasis. One of the drugs, which is based on a special combination of terpenes, is Rowatinex having a triple action: lithollitic, spasmolytic and diuretic. The first clinical and preclinical trials with Rowatinex occurred between 1954-1956 yrs. Since that time is has been actively used in the treatment of urolithiasis in many countries around the world. The indications for Rowatinex are: prevention of kidney stone disease, relapse prevention stone formation, conservative treatment of kidney stones, renal colic, chronic urinary tract infection. The article provides an experience of clinical use of Rowatinex in Russian institute of Urology (Moscow) and Barnaul Medical University. The study included 30 patients with various forms of urolithiasis. Inclusion criteria were: patient age from 18 to 80 years, the presence of kidney or ureter stones, the presence of small kidney stones, chronic pyelonephritis. 15 patients received Rowatinex, 15 were in the control group. Repeated study was performed in 18-20 days. While taking the drug the elimination of small fragments of stones was noted in 73% vs 32% in the control group. The complete stone-free rate was achieved in 67% taking the drug versus 24% in the control group. The researchers confirmed the clinical efficacy Rowatinex for the treatment of patients with stones in the kidney and ureter.

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