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"Experimental and clinical urology" – is a professional edition for urologists, oncologists, urogynecologists, andrologists, pediatric urologists, phtisiourologists and specialists of adjacent disciplines, science workers, residents and scientific fellows.

The purpose of the journal is to inform medical specialists about fundamental scientific research and unique clinical experience in the field of urology, oncourology, andrology, urogynecology and pediatric urology. 

The journal has the scientific, research and educational mission. 

There are published: 

  • unique statistical data on the structure, prevalence and epidemiology of urological diseases in various categories of patients; 
  • results of experimental studies; 
  • results of clinical studies; 
  • information about modern methods of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of urological diseases; 
  • scientific analytical reviews; 
  • original discussion articles on fundamental and applied urology problems; 
  • information and own experience of Russian urologists in the application of new telemedicine technologies in urology, 
  • exclusive clinical cases, including the interdisciplinary ones. 

2009 - the beginning of the magazine publication

2011 – included in the Russian Science Citation Index.
2012 – included in the List of Russian peer-reviewed scientific journals, where the main scientific dissertations results for the degrees of Doctor and PhD of Sciences are to be published (List of the Higher Attestation Commission).
2019 – included in the Russian Science Citation Index on the Web of Science (RSCI / WoS).

ATTENTION: Instructions for authors of the journal "Experimental and Clinical Urology"

Chief Editor

Apolikhin Oleg I. - Corresponding Member RAS, MD, PhD, Professor, Director of the N. Lopatkin Research Institute of Urology and Interventional Radiology - branch of the Federal State Budgetary Institution «National Research Center of Radiology» of the Ministry of Health of Russia (Russia, Moscow)
H-index - 16

Edition information:

  • ISSN print 2222-8543 
  • Number of issues per year 4 
  • Average number of articles in issue 21 
  • RSCI - included 
  • The list of VAK - included 
  • RSCI / WoS - included 


Scientific Electronic Library, Reader, Cyberleninka, Russian Science Citation Index, VAK, Google Scholar, Research4 life, Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI / WoS).

Mass media registration certificate: PI No. FS 77 - 38690 dated 22.01.2010

Specialties of the higher attestation commission (HAC):

  • 140000. Medical Sciences 
  • 140100. Clinical Medicine
  • 140123. Urology 
  • 140119. Pediatric Surgery 
  • 140112. Oncology

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