Number №2, 2014 - page 77-80

Infuence of prostatitis and varicocele on reproductive function of young men

Osadchuk L.V., Popova A.V., Voroshilova N.A.

Prostatitis and varicocele are the most frequent diseases of urological system, which have a potential to decrease male fertility. The influence of varicocele and prostatitis on the spermogram parameters is still understudied. Especially important is this problem in men of active reproductive age, which tend nowadays to postpone the childbirth. The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of varicocele and prostatitis on the reproductive function in young men (mean age 24.5±6.1 years) living in Novosibirsk. The relation of prostatitis and varicocele to the main parameters of spermogram was analyzed (concentration, count of the actively moving and morphologically normal forms), so as to the anthropometric parameters (body mass index, bitesticular volume). In comparison to control group prostatitis and varicocele significantly influenced the sperm concentration, portion of active forms and bitesticular volume. Given the significant functional reserve in the young men with these diseases and wide spectrum of the treatment modalities, nevertheless the absence of andrological control and late reference to the specialists can lead to the progressing impairment of fertility with age and to increasing risk of infertility later on.

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