Number №2, 2014 - page 14-18

Reparative regeneration of the testicles in various types of damage to the blood-testis barrier

Hramcova Yu.S., Artashyan O.S., Pugachev N.N.

We have conducted a morphological investigation of the testicles after different types of damage to the blood-testis barrier (BTB) with the aim to reveal the influence of the damage severity on the dynamics of the reparative regeneration of the tissues. As the damage factor a local destruction of all parts of BTB with puncture was used in one of the testicles and a total destruction with the damage to contacts between the Sertroli cells using the cadmium chloride. Local damage led to the early development of the destruction which inverted later into the active reparative regeneration of the organ. Total destruction of the tight contacts between the Sertroli cells of the BTB in the testicle led to the development of the destructive tissue processes with the transition into the necrotic processes, being the evidence of the irreversibility of the damage.

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