Number №1, 2013 - page 52-59

Interdisciplinary approach in diagnostics and treatment of sexual dysfunctions in patients with chronic prostatitis

Holodnyy V.A.

Currently, the medical help to patients with sexual dysfunctions is provided based on the rather old methodology. The message of the interdisciplinary approach is based on the important understanding, that sexual pathology can not be managed by one of the isolated clinical subdisciplines, including urology, while it needs it’s own methodology, specific methods of investigations and treatment.

In this article we present the classification of sexual dysfunctions due to chronic prostatitis, which embrace two mechanisms, specific – as a part of ejaculation alteration, and nonspecific – as a consequence of the pathologic dominant formation to sensory income, somathogenic mental disorders and detraining syndrome. Mostly the somathogenic mental disorders are asthenic, depressive, hypochondriac and phobic syndromes. It should be noted, that the presence of chronic prostatitis doesn’t exclude other etiologic causes of sexual dysfunction: pharmacogenic, organic (somatic and mental), imaginary, sexual disharmonies. The role of the urologist in this group of patients is to estimate the necessity and the tactics of the treatment for prostatitis and other organic causes of sexual dysfunction, while further he must refer the patient to the sexologist. Drawing a conclusion, it is necessary to keep to the optimal ratio between the treatment of organic cause and specific sexology methods, especially body-oriented psychotherapy.

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