Number №1, 2013 - page 64-66

The method of the combined surgical treatment in patients with total cavernous fibrosis

Vinogradov I.V., Sadakova I.V.

In the last years quiet often the muscle flaps with vascular supply are used in the esthetical penile surgery to augment the insufficient diameter of penis and to increase the blood supply. Nevertheless, this method was never used in patients with cavernous bodies fibrosis, though some benefits are concerned.

It is well known, that at the time of penile prosthesis implantation the lack of the tunica albuginea could be crucial when the cavernous fibrosis is present. This fact often forces the surgeons to use synthetic or allogenic patches, which could increase the risk for post-operative prosthesis infection. To circumvent this situation we have developed the original method of operation in patients with total avernous fibrosis.

Taking into consideration the fact, that only 1% of male have erectile dysfunction due to the cavernous fibrosis, our experience with this technique in 11 patients is the largest in Russian scientific literature.

In this article we describe the technique and show the analysis of post-operative results, possible complications, their prevention and treatment. The advantage of the autotransplantation of the vascularised muscular flap with concomitant prosthesis placement is shown for patients with erectile dysfunction due to cavernous fibrosis. The estimation of the efficacy for this combined method is described. Also in our report we outline the indications for the implementation of this technique.

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