Number №1, 2014 - page 50-54

Physiotherapy in patients with chronic non-bacterial prostatitis and methodology of efficacy control

Kolmacuy I.A., Levickiy E.F.

One hundred and thirty five patients with chronic non-bacterial prostatitis were under control in this study with different severity of inflammation (incomplete remission and latent inflammation, active inflammation). Based on the clinical-laboratory and functional parameters the integral assessment of clinical state and the dynamics of these parameters were evaluated during the treatment. A new method of the treatment in patients with chronic non-bacterial prostatitis was developed, which was based on the severity of the inflammation and included the algorithm of the selective appointment of the combination of physiotherapeutic modalities: low-energy light-magnettherapy, magnet-pelotherapy, electrostimulation with optimized parameters of application and medicaments. Usage this optimized physiotherapy regimen during the combination therapy in patients with active inflammation was effective in terms of the symptomatic relief measured using NIH-CPSI and IPSS and quality of life index (QoL); it increased the summary score of IIEF-5, decreased pain and improved elasticity while palpated, normalized leukocyte score in prostatic secretion and adaptive reactivity, increased the maximal flow and effective bladder volume, decreased the urine post-void residual and improved the parameters of organ microcirculation.

Application of the optimized physiotherapy scheme during the treatment of chronic prostatitis recurrence in combination with medical treatment allowed to extend the indications for its use, increased efficacy, reduced the time to recovery, guaranteed a good tolerance to treatment and extended the length of remission.

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