Number №2, 2013 - page 4-8

Program “Urology” – a complex approach to healthcare modernization, based on the example of Voronezh region

Apolihin O.I., Sivkov A.V., Katibov M.I., Schukin A.V., Zolotuhin O.V., Shaderkin I.A., Madykin Yu.Yu., Kocherov A.A., Kocherova E.V., Shaderkina V.A., Voytko D.A., Prosyannikov M.Yu.

Introduction. A modern state of the health care system in Russia could be characterized not only through the limitation of the financing, but also through the ineffective usage of the money. This problem was underlined in the message of the President of the Russian Federation V.V. Putin. He had precisely described the strategic directions of the health care reforming via the modernization. In the course of modernization in Voronezh region a program of the standardized effective urologic aid “Urology” was developed and integrated.

Materials and methods. Since 2011 “Urology” program was launched in Voronezh region. The essence of the program is the creation of the “multi-level landmark system of the specialized medical help, health-improving, rehabilitation and prophylaxis support”. The main principles of the program are: medical sorting of the patients, clarifying the aims, tasks and volume of the treatment, integration of the medical help, unifying the methodological algorithms, financing and quality control.

Results. In the bounds of the project the landmark structure of the urological help system was created using 3 levels of functioning. The results of the program could be seen in the fall of the quantity of the emergency admittances by 60%, decrease in the time-to-stay in urologic station in 15%, the increase in the proportion of the localized prostate tumors in 62% (with a mean of 45% at the country level), the 3.5-times increase in the observational group of the patients with BPH.

Conclusions. The conception of the prophylaxis health-care, incorporated in the “Urology” program, fully corresponds to the current challenges – it is simple, effective and doesn’t require too much financing. This program allows to go away from the medical help application using the principle of appealability to the principle of the early detection.

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