The results of treatment of patients with urolithiasis by Rowatinex


SivkovA.V., DzeranovN.K., Cherepanova E.V.,

Konstantinova O.V., GolovanovS.A., Shaderkina V.A.

The stone disease is one of most widespread urology disease in the world and Russia.

The recurrence rate is high despite the new noninvasive methods of di­agnosis and treatment. Phytotherapy, containing essential oils and terpens, is widely used in patients with stone disease. Rowatinex is based on the terpens combination.

The research was done in State Research Institute of Urology during 2,5 months named: “ Results of the Rowatinex usage in patients with renal stone disease”.

Thirty patients with stone disease were included in the research group. All patients had renal stones proved by ultrasound and X-rays. In 66,7% cases disease was on one side. In 46,6% patients there were staghorn calculus. The stone size varies from 0,5 to 4,2 sm. The drug was taken before food intake for 2 capsullas 3 times a day. In case of the renal colic the dosage increased up to 2-3 capsullas 4-5 times a day during 18-20 days.

There was decreasing the rate and intensity of renal colic after lithotripsy, easier small stones discharge, full stone elimination, the dieresis increased in 43,2%.

Based on this results we can recommend the Rowatinex usage in patients with stone disease in combina­tion with the main treatment.

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