Number №3, 2010 - page 80-84

Uroprost Peptide Complex in Treatment of Patients with Voiding Disturbances

Al'-Shukri S.H., Kuz'min I.V., Lukina E.E.

97 patients with voiding disturbances underwent treatment, 27 had a hyporactive bladder(15 male, 12 female) and 70 male with infravesical obstruction. Infravesical obstruction in 36 patients was caused by chronic prostatitis, in 34 by BPH. All patients were subscripted for prostate peptides (uroprost) in suppositorium once a day for 20 days. 66.6% of patients with detrusor hypoactivity considered treatment results as high or moderate. Qmax improvement for 29.4% meanly was mentioned. Reidual volume mean decrease was 33.5% to the end of the course. Treatment efficiency did not depend on sex and hypoactivity type. Treatment with uroprost had positive results in infravesical obstruction group. 75% of patients with chronic prostatitis and 53% of patients with BPH considered treatment results as high or moderate. Qmax to the end of treatment in patients with chronic prostatitis improved meanly in 19.0%, in patients with BPH in 28.4%. Residual urine volume decreased respectively in 44.5% and 29%. Voiding improvement was attended by irritative symptoms improvement. Uroprost tolerance was satisfactory. Adverse effects were mentioned in 7.2% of cases. Results of the research allow to propose prostate peptide complex uroprost in patients voiding problems caused by detrusor hypoactivity and infravesical obstruction.

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