Number №1, 2014


First results of comprehensive integrated standardized programme for BPH diagnosis and treatmentApolihin O.I., Sivkov A.V., Katibov M.I., Zolotuhin O.V., Shaderkin I.A., Prosyanniko M.Yu., Voytko D.A., Grigor'eva M.V., Coy A.A., Galiev N.A.
, стр. 4-9 Download


Interrelation between neural control of urinary bladder and prostate during different phases of bladder activityKabanova I.V., Mudraya I.S., Nadtochiy O.N., Kirpatovskiy V.I.
, стр. 10-15 Download
Dynamics of indicator liver enzymes with regard to operation type in experimental kidney traumaMusatov O.V., Zurnadzhan S.A., Kohanov A.V.
, стр. 16-19 Download
Comparative evaluation of the impact of nanosecond electroimpulse and electrohydraulic contact lithotripters on urinary tract walls (experimental study)Gudkov A.V., Boschenko V.S., Lozovskiy M.S.
, стр. 20-24 Download
The role of infammation and proliferation markers in the diagnostics of refractory overactive bladder in womenTeterina T.A., Apolihina I.A., Glybochko P.V., Beznoschenko O.S., Krechetova L.V., Mirkin Ya.B.
, стр. 92-97 Download


Evaluation of serum Chromogranin A levels in different prostatic diseasesApolihin O.I., Sivkov A.V., Efremov G.D., Rabinovich E.Z., Keshishev N.G., Kovchenko G.A., Prohorov S.A., Sokov D.G., Nikonova L.M., Krivenko M.P.
, стр. 25-31 Download
Capabilities of echography during HIFU ablation steps in prostate cancer patientsNeymark B.A., Besklubova E.V., Tachalov M.A., Klyzhin M.A.
, стр. 32-35 Download


Functional state of lower urinary tract after reconstructive surgery operations on pelvic ureterKomyakov B.K., Ochelenko V.A., Al-Attar T.H.
, стр. 36-39 Download
Different aspects of nutritive support in early postoperative period after the extended reconstructive-plastic surgery in urologySharipov R.A, Pavlov V.N.
, стр. 40-43 Download


Reduction of antibiotic treatment duration in patients with chronic bacterial prostatitis by increasing the daily dosesEfremov E.A., Dorofeev S.D., Mel'nik Ya.I., Kasatonova E.V., Simakov V.V., Krasnyak S.S.
, стр. 44-49 Download
Physiotherapy in patients with chronic non-bacterial prostatitis and methodology of efficacy controlKolmacuy I.A., Levickiy E.F.
, стр. 50-54 Download
Retarded ejaculation is a rare diagnosisVinogradov I.V., Korshunov M.N., Korshunova E.S.
, стр. 55-59 Download


Modern approaches to treatment of large and staghorn stones of anatomical and functional solitary kidneyKatibov M.I., Merinov D.S., Konstantinova O.V., Hnykin F.N., Gadzhiev G.D.
, стр. 62-66 Download
Ureteral peristalsis in patients with kidney stones and upper urinary tract urodynamics after percutaneous nephrolithotripsyMudraya I.S., Gurbanov Sh.Sh., Merinov D.S.
, стр. 67-71 Download
The use of laparoscopic pyelolithotomy in obese patients with staghorn nephrolithiasisKochkin A.D., Sevryukov F.A., Sorokin D.A., Karpuhin I.V., Puchkin A.B., Semenychev D.V., Abramov D.V.
, стр. 72-75 Download


Long-term results of endoscopic correction of VUR in complex cases using Vantris as a non-biodegradable tissue augmenting substanceRudin Yu.E., Garmanova T.N., Aliev D.K., Maruhnenko D.V.
, стр. 76-80 Download
Choosing the method of correction of proximal hypospadias in childrenRudin Yu.E., Maruhnenko D.V., Sayedov K.M.
, стр. 81-87 Download


Non-complicated urinary tract infections: long-term intake of nitrofurans for recurrence preventionVoschula V.I., Vilyuha A.I.
, стр. 88-91 Download


Pelvic organ prolapse and occult stress incontinenceKasyan G.R., Tupikina N.V., Gvozdev M.Yu., Pushkar' D.Yu.
, стр. 98-102 Download

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