Number №2, 2018


Experimental substantiation of the possibility of using low energy acoustic shock waves in the therapy of various urological diseasesGarilevich B.A., Kirpatovskiy V.I., Semenov A.A., Kudryavceva L.V.
, стр. 4-10 Download
Mediator-hormonal homeostasis and pathomorphological characteristics of reparative processes after organ-preserving operations on the kidneyShormanov I.S., Los' M.S., Shormanova N.S.
, стр. 12-18 Download


Alternative methods of treatment of localized prostate cancerNeymark A.I., Tachalov M.A., Neymark B.A., Gameeva E.V., Levin V.P.
, стр. 20-27 Download


Retrograde and antegrade accessin combination endoscopic treatment of stones in the proximal region of the ureteral ductAboyan I.A., Shiranov K.A., Pakus S.M.
, стр. 28-32 Download
Partial duplication of the urethra: the paraurethral duct. Errors in diagnostics and treatmentFilimonov V.B., Vasin R. V., Zhiborev A.B., Kotans S.Ya.
, стр. 33-35 Download
Comparison of disposable flexible ureteroscopes with flexible video and digital ureteroscopesGadzhiev N.K., Gadzhieva A.B., Mollaev R.A., Gorelov D.S., Malhasyan V.A., Mazurenko D.A., Al'-Shukri S.H., Petrov S.B.
, стр. 36-41 Download


Efficiency of citrate drug «Blemaren» in urate nephrolithiasisAboyan I.A., Sknar V.A., Pavlov S.V.
, стр. 44-48 Download
Russian-language version of the Wisconsin questionnaire for assessing the quality of life in patients with urolithiasis (Wisconsin stone-QOL (WISQOL)): results of the pilotstudyShestaev A.Yu., Paronnikov M.V., Protoschak V.V., Sinel'nikov L.M., Karpuschenko E.G., Kiselev A.O.
, стр. 50-57 Download


Non-contact infrared thermography of the scrotum in the diagnosis of varicoceleKapto A.A., Vinogradov I.V., Suleymanov R.V.
, стр. 57-65 Download
Diagnostics and treatment of testicular trauma: the modern view on the problemYarovoy S.K., Hromov R.A., Kasatonova E.V.
, стр. 66-72 Download
Our experience of examination of urological patients with high level of sex hormone-binding globulinParshin A.G., Eloev R.A.
, стр. 73-76 Download
Relevant issues in the therapy of BPH and chronic prostatitis. A lectureDutov V.V.
, стр. 78-82 Download
Economic aspects of treating benign prostatic hyperplasiaShpilenya E.S., Shaderkina V.A.
, стр. 84-89 Download
Microdeletion analysis of the AZF locus of the chromosome Y in infertile malesUsupbaev A.Ch., Rysbaev B.A., Stambekova K.N., Dzhandraliev R.A.
, стр. 90-93 Download


Evaluation of wound complications after surgery for urethral strictures: the effect of testosterone deficiencyKogan M.I., Amirbekov B.G., Sizyakin D.V., Mitusov V.V., Gluhov V.P., Il'yash A.V., Mirzaev Z.A., Ramazanov B.Yu.
, стр. 94-98 Download
Retrocaval ureter: literature reviewPolyakov N.V., Keshishev N.G., Grigor'eva M.V., Rudin Yu.E., Maruhnenko D.V., Katibov M.I.
, стр. 100-104 Download


Long-term results of application of synthetic mesh implants for treating urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse in womenLoran O.B., Seregin A.V., Dovlatov Z.A.
, стр. 106-112 Download
The role of collagenopathies in the development of genital prolapse and urinary incontinence in womenVishnevskiy D.A., Kasyan G.R., Akulenko L.V., Sharova E.I., Tupikina N.V., Pushkar' D.Yu.
, стр. 113-117 Download
Interstitial cystitis: pathogenesis, diagnostics and treatment (part 2)Mirkin Ya.B., Karapetyan A.V.
, стр. 118-122 Download


Teratozoospermia and karyopathologiсal effects in blood cells in Western Siberians infected with anaplasma (Anaplasma phagocytophilum)Il'inskih N.N., Il'inskih E.N., Kostromeeva M.S.
, стр. 124-129 Download


Level of indicators in prooxidant-antioxidant equilibrium in children with hematuric form of chronic glomerulonephritisBeglyarov R.O.
, стр. 130-134 Download

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