Mediator-hormonal homeostasis and pathomorphological characteristics of reparative processes after organ-preserving operations on the kidney

Shormanov I.S., Los' M.S., Shormanova N.S.

In order to minimize the damaging effect of "thermal ischemia" and improve the long-term results of organ preserving operations on the kidneys, some authors suggest using local compression of the parenchyma of the organ at the site of resection by various methods to create a "dry" operative field.

Objective: to study the relationship of pathomorphological changes in renal tissue occurring in the early postoperative period of organ-preserving kidney operations with the use of a "dry" field with the help of local compression of the renal parenchyma, with activity of the cortico-sympathetic adrenal system in the experiment.

The result: a change in the activity of the cortico-sympatheticadrenal system coordinates the pathomorphological picture of the area of the kidney resection.

Conclusion: taking into account the lack of normalization of most biochemical indices and pathomorphological picture of the incompleteness of the healing process of the kidney parenchyma in a month after the organ-preserving operation.

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kidney resection, postoperative period, kidney ischemia, resection area, histological picture of resection, postoperative parenchymal changes

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