Number №3, 2016


The analysis of uronephrologic morbidity and mortality in Russian Federation during the period of 2002-2014 according to the official statisticsKaprin A.D., Apolihin O.I., Sivkov A.V., Solnceva T.V., Komarova V.A.
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«School for Health and Active Social Longevity» as a tool of engaging patients in the care of their healthApolihin O.I., Shaderkin I.A., Kazachenko A.V., Skvorcova D.A., Prosyannikov M.Yu., Voytko D.A., Zelenskiy M.M., Coy A.A., Sivkov A.V.
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Bioinert and adhesion properties of materialsShkodkin S.V., Kogan M.I., Kolpakov A.Ya., Bondarev V.P.
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The results of Iridium192 high-dose rate brachytherapy application combined with distant radiotherapy in patients with seminal vesicle invasion prostate cancerSolodkiy V.A., Pavlov A.Yu., Cybul'skiy A.D., Garmash S.V., Ivashin A.K., Isaev T.K.
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Protective partial nephrectomy in patients with renal cell carcinomaSeregin A.V., Shustickiy N.A., Indarokov T.R., Seregin A.A., Morozov A.D., Mulabaev A.K.
, стр. 32-35 Download
Growth rate and cell loss in prostate cancerZharinov G.M., Chepurnaya I.V., Pozharisskiy K.M., Kudaybergenova A.G., Neklasova N.Yu., Bogomolov O.A.
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Methods of urinary continence maintenance after robot-assisted prostatectomy: a literature reviewZingerenko M.B., Lahno D.A.
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Percutaneous nephrolithotripsy in treatment of complex kidney stones: structural biomodelingGadzhiev G.D., Grigor'ev V.E., Mazurenko D.A., Malhasyan V.A., Obidnyak V.M., Pisarev A.V., Tagirov N.S., Popov S.V., Petrov S.B.
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The ACS system: a new way of prognosis for the effectiveness of percutaneous nephrolithotomyGadzhiev N.K., Grigor'ev V.E., Mazurenko D.A., Malhasyan V.A., Obidnyak V.M., Pisarev A.V., Tagirov N.S., Popov S.V., Petrov S.B.
, стр. 52-56 Download
Percutaneous nephrolithotomy in treatment of staghorn kidney stonesArtemov A.V., Epishov V.A., Arustamov L.D., Gurbanov Sh.Sh., Fatihov R.R., Merinov D.S.
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Urethral stenting in urolithiasis: problems and solutionsStrel'cova O.S., Krupin V.N., Pochtin D.P., Yunusova K.E., Scherbatyuk T.G., Yashanova M.I., Mamonov M.V.
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An open randomized study of the effectiveness of treatment of males with chronic prostatitis (categories II and IIIA) applying levofloxacin and tamsulosin combined with IndigalPlusKogan M.I., Kul'chavenya E.V., Kaprin A.D., Novikov A.I., Krupin V.N., Ibishev H.S., Rodygin L.M., Kiselev V.I., Druh V.M.
, стр. 72-78 Download
Antiinsomniac therapy in patients with refractory nocturia and benign prostatic hyperplasiaShestaev A.Yu., Protoschak V.V., Gordeev V.V., Matich A.I., Gul'ko A.M.
, стр. 80-83 Download
The effectiveness of application of extracorporeal shock wave therapy combined with phytotherapy for treating patients with prostatоlithiasisKul'chavenya E.V., Brizhatyuk E.V., Shevchenko S.Yu., Baranchukova A.A.
, стр. 84-89 Download
Technical aspects of extraperitoneoscopic adenomectomy in patients with large volume benign prostatic hyperplasiaKachmazov A.A., Keshishev N.G., Gurbanov Sh.Sh., Kovchenko G.A., Osipov O.V., Grigor'eva M.V., Kazachenko A.V., Sivkov A.V., Alekseev B.Ya.
, стр. 90-94 Download
Pathogenic mechanisms of pain in chronic bacterial prostatitisShormanov I.S., Solov'ev A.S.
, стр. 96-101 Download
Modern methods of instrumental diagnostics of vasculogenic erectile dysfunctionKaprin A.D., Kostin A.A., Kruglov D.P., Popov S.V., Kul'chenko N.G., Mangutov F.Sh.
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The effectiveness of extracorporal shock wave lithotripsy of urinary stones with different chemical compositionGrabskiy A.M.
, стр. 112-114 Download
Metaphylaxis of uric acid kidney stonesKonstantinova O.V., Yanenko E.K., Shaderkina V.A.
, стр. 116-122 Download


Endocrinological aspects of chronic cystitis in womenTyuzikov I.A., Kalinchenko S.Yu.
, стр. 120-126 Download

Genetic risk factors for recurrent urolithiasisApolihin O.I., Sivkov A.V., Konstantinova O.V., Slominskiy P.A., Tupicyna T.V., Kalinichenko D.N.
, стр. 127-130 Download
Effects of genetic polymorphisms on the terato- zoospermia and karyopathological abnormalities in the desquamated epithelial urogenital tract cells in male shift workers with infertility in oil and gas fields of the north of SiberiaIl'inskih N.N., Il'inskih E.N., Tagaev A.V.
, стр. 132-136 Download

The causes of lower urinary tract dysfunction in patients with invasive cervical cancer after radical hysterectomyMuhtarulina S.V., Kaprin A.D.
, стр. 137-143 Download


The osmoregulatory function of kidneys in women with different types of urinary incontinenceOsipova N.A., Guliev B.G., Niauri D.A., Gzgzyan A.M.
, стр. 144-149 Download

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