Number №4, 2013


Distant educational technologies in urology: perspectives and development trends. Experience of the Institute of Urology Apolihin O.I., Sivkov A.V., Kazachenko A.V., Shaderkin I.A., Shaderkina V.A., Garmanova T.N.
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Features of the vegetative regulation and blood supply to the bladder and prostate in old rats with age-related prostatic hyperplasia and their role in the pathogenesis of the benign prostatic hyperplasia and lower urinary tract symptoms Kirpatovskiy V.I., Mudraya I.S., Mkrtchyan K.G., Kabanova I.V., Efremov G.D., Nadtochiy O.N., Kazachenko A.V.


Functional outcomes of the radical nephrectomy in patients with clinically localized kidney cancer Volkova M.I., Skvorcov I.Ya., Klimov A.V., Komarov M.I., Chernyaev V.A., Matveev V.B.
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Photodynamic diagnostics of surgical margins during partial nephroectomy for kidney cancer Chernyshev I.V., Roschin D.A., Samsonov Yu.V., Altunin D.V., Hanakaev R.A.
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The role of postimplant dosimetry in predicting permanent brachytherapy effectiveness in patients with low and intermediate risk prostate cancer Apolihin O.I., Sivkov A.V., Oschepkov V.N., Roschin D.A., Koryakin A.V.
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Prognostic role of the biomolecular, morphological and clinical markers in the assessment of the efficacy of the treatment for localized prostate cancer using high-intensity focused ultrasound Fomkin R.N., Voronina E.S., Popkov V.M., Maslyakova G.N., Blyumberg B.I.
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Capabilities of the cross-polar- ization optical coherent tomog- raphy in the visualization and differentiation of the prostatic neurovascular bundle elements Ledyaev D.S., Zagaynova E.V., Shkalova L.V., Atduev V.A.
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Androgens and lower urinary tract symptoms: only male gender or unsolved problems of both sexes? Kalinchenko S.Yu., Tyuzikov I.A., Grekov E.A., Apetov S.S., Vorslov L.O., Tishova Yu.A.
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Certain aspects of the efficiency and safety of sildenafil citrate in urological practice Efremov E.A., Krasnyak S.S.
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Modern views on the relationship between erectile dysfunction and cardiovascular diseases Apolihin O.I., Krasnyak S.S.
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Symptomatic sexual dysfunctions in urological practice Holodnyy V.A.
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New principles of prophylaxis of chronic non-bacterial prostatitis recurrences Dorofeev S.D., Kudryavceva L.V., Hromov R.A.
New principles of prophylaxis of chronic non-bacterial prostatitis recurrences Dorofeev S.D., Kudryavceva L.V., Hromov R.A.
Silodosin efficacy in patients with severe lower urinary tract symptoms due to BPH Sivkov A.V., Keshishev N.G., Romih V.V., Malyshev A.V., Gonsales E.N., Romih F.D.
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The use of combined herbal diuretics for the treatment of urolithiasis Gaybullaev A.A., Kariev S.S., Tursunov B.Sh.
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Combined laparoscopic surgery on kidney: two in one Kochkin A.D., Sevryukov F.A., Sorokin D.A., Karpuhin I.V., Puchkin A.B., Semenychev D.V.
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Optimization of computer-assisted surgical access during the retroperitoneal endoscopic ureterolithotomy using the patient coordinated 3D reconstruction of the operation area Dubrovin V.N., Bashirov V.I., Furman Ya.A., Rozhencov A.A., Eruslanov R.V., Kudryavcev A.A.
, стр. 86-89 Download
Comparative study of the efficacy of the electroimpulse and electrohydraulic lithotripters in vitro Martov A.G., Gudkov A.V., Diamant V.M., Chepoveckiy G.I., Lerner M.I.
, стр. 90-96 Download
Distribution of the upper urinary tract stones by their complexity from the position of application of endoscopic technique of treatment Akilov F.A., Giyasov Sh.I., Muhtarov Sh.T., Nasyrov F.R.
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Extracorporeal indirect electrochemical blood oxidation in urology Ivaschenko V.V., Kirpatovskiy V.I., Chernyshev I.V., Golovanov S.A., Perepanova T.S., Pen'kov P.L., Antonova V.E., Drozhzheva V.V., Sinyuhin V.N., Harlamova L.A.
, стр. 104-109 Download


The place of the fosfomycin in the medical treatment of urogenital tract diseases Yarovoy S.K.
, стр. 115-120 Download


Analogue-digital scale application for preoperative assessment of penis state in patients with hypospadias Rudin Yu.E., Maruhnenko D.V., Garmanova T.N.
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Analysis of the brain positron emission tomography data using 18F-FDG during the processes of neurophysiological control of lower urinary tract function Berdichevskiy V.B., Sufianov A.A., Elishev V.G., Barashin D.A.
, стр. 121-124 Download
The use of OPHIRA Mini-Sling in the treatment of stress urinary incontinence: experience of the Department of Urology of the Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry Gvozdev M.Yu., Glotov A.V., Tupikina N.V., Kasyan G.R., Pushkar' D.Yu.
, стр. 125-128 Download

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