Number №2, 2015 - page 102-107

Comparative study of original questionnaires in assessment of Premature Ejaculation index

Akilov F.A., Mahmudov A.T., Shavahabov T.T., Mirhamidov D.H.

Premature ejaculation (PE) is one of the frequent sexual disorders affecting approximately 31% of male population. The Russian version of the “Uzbek Index of Premature Ejaculation” (UIPE) was adapted for the self-assessment by the patients, who speak only Uzbek.

Objective. To validate the UIPE against the original, Russian, version of the questionnaire.

Materials and methods. Mapi Institute recommendations were used for the translation and adaptation. Overall, 161 respondent was tested, among them 112 for the evaluation of Uzbek version of UIPE with the mean age of 39.3±11.1 years. Descriptive statistics, Kronbach alpha and splitting scale methods were used for data analysis. ROC curves were used for estimation of questionnaire discriminative properties. P-level < 0.05 was selected for significance of findings. Results. Cronbach’s alpha was 0.97 for Uzbek version, AUC was 1.00 in ROC-analysis. Reliability, validity, efficacy and discrimination capabilities, as well as accessibility and informativeness of the translated version were identical to the original (Russian). Specificity and sensitivity of the Uzbek version were high as well.

Conclusions. Uzbek version of the UIPE is reliable, valid, effective and identical to the Russian version, and could be used for further clinical studies in patients, who speak only the Uzbek language.

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