Number №3, 2016 - page 14-18

«School for Health and Active Social Longevity» as a tool of engaging patients in the care of their health

Apolihin O.I., Shaderkin I.A., Kazachenko A.V., Skvorcova D.A., Prosyannikov M.Yu., Voytko D.A., Zelenskiy M.M., Coy A.A., Sivkov A.V.

Introduction. The development of information technology in the Russian Federation and around the globe has led to the application of hitech methods of treatment. Those methods of preventive healthcarewhich have proven to be effective in reducing morbidity and mortality, have already become a thing of the past. The methods of preventive healthcare and early diagnosis of urologic diseases based on active interaction with prospective patients are being developed in N. Lopatkin Scientific Research Institute of Urology and Interventional Radiology.

Materials and methods. The project named “School for Health and Active Social Longevity” is a preventive medical instrument aimed at hosting multidisciplinary, patient-centered educational events combinedwith screening examination. The aim of the project is to improve population health and to extend the expectancy ofsocially active life. Since 2016, various marketing techniques and methods of advertising are being employed in order to boost school attendance. In order to evaluate the Schools organized,special coefficients have been used to analyze the effectiveness of the events (return on marketing investment, net promoter score, conversion rates).

Results and conclusions. Over the time of its realization, the project “School for Health andActive Social Longevity” has demonstrated its clinical effectiveness and market profitability. These conclusions are backed by the following observations: increased audience’s interest in health, patients’ clinical competence improvement and heightened alertness and early health care access. The marketing analysis conducted has demonstrated a high level of ‘loyalty”, “effectiveness” and “profitability” of the project.

Authors declarelack of the possibleconflicts of interests

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urology, urologic patients, 4P medicine, social marketing

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