Number №3, 2010 - page 40-42

Sonourethrography in urethral strictures diagnostics

Ignashin N.S., Evseev A.V.

N.S. Ignashin, A.V. Evseev

Introduction. Urethral stricture length correct measurement has a determinative value in choice of surgical treatment option. When planning surgical treatment it's important to determine localization, extension of urethral stricture, periurethral tissue changes (extent of spongiofibrosis in bulbous urethra). Retrograde urethrography and voiding cystourethrography are considered gold standard in strictures diagnostic. MRI also can be used. But X-ray investigation results often do not correlate to intraoperative findings and can't provide any data about periurethral changes.

At present time ultrasound diagnostic in urethral strictures becomes actual due to possibility of polypositional investigation of urethral stricture localization and extension and periurethral changes determination. Objective. Comparison between ultrasound and X-ray urethra investigation data in male with urethral strictures.

Materials and methods. 52 patients with urethral strictures underwent surgery after ultrasound and X-ray urethra investigation. Ultrasound investigation was made by "TECHNOS", Voluson 730 Pro and Expert equipment with high frequency transducer (7.5-10 MHz). Results. Sensibility of echo diagnostic of urethral strictures depending on localization was 92.6 100%. Specifity depending on localization 93.2 100%. Sensibility and specifity depending on extension was 100% and 98 100% respectively. Conclusion. Sonourethrography is accessible method able to reveal urethral strictures, its extension and periurethral changes. Supposed to be obligate investigational method in patients with urethral strictures.

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