Number №1, 2016 - page 42-44

Fertility preservation in patients with testicular cancer

Starcev V.Yu., Korneev I.A.

In this article we present the current evidence to fertility preservation possibilities in patients with germ cell testicular tumors (GCTT). GCTTs are nowadays most common in European men in the age of 15-40 years, overall in 1% of fertile men and are often develop in connection with cryptorhidism and hypospadias.

We have performed the literature analysis with regard of collection and preservation of sperm in modern clinical practice. It is well known, that reproductive function is a subject to substantial changes during every treatment stage in this group of patients. Informative support concerning fertility disturbances is considered by many authors to be very important. Given the modern state of cryobiology and issued modern guidelines, it is advisable to use the semen cryoconservation before the beginning of treatment, although this is being accepted only by one third of patients. It is stated, that sperm preservation methods are by far not perfect. Semen biobanking should be improved to facilitate the preservation of reproductive potential in patients with aggressive tumors, as well as oncological alertness of physicians and patients and consecution in the implementation of modern guidelines should play a dominant role.

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germinogenic tumors, fertility, sperm bank, cryoconservation

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